Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Can I get a refund for the reservation fee?

    We have a No-Refund policy in place. You will receive an email notification 2 days before your arrival time. If you cannot make your reservation that you can transfer it to another date and time. You must include in the email 2 alternate dates and times for your new reservation and it must be before 10 am the day of your reservation. If we do not have a phone call from you, the reservation is void.

  • What size of tube do I ask for?

    38" Tube for Individuals between 3' - 5' ft tall and under 200 lbs.

    44" Tube for Individuals between 5' - 5'8" ft tall and under 275 lbs.

    48" Tube for Individuals between 5'8"+ ft tall and under 350 lbs.

  • Why do we need to make a reservation?

    Reservations are Only for Tube Rentals and are Required for the 2024 season.

    If you are only using our Shuttle Service, You Don't need a Reservation. You can come with First Come First Serve Service.

  • When do I need to arrive at the start point?

    With a reservation, you should arrive at least 15 min early to make sure you are at the Reservation Waiver Booth on time to complete your reservation. Arriving at the Parking Booth does not complete your reservation.

  • What is the minimum age for river tubing?

    We recommend no one under the age of 5. Small children cannot help to paddle on the river. They just like to think they do.

  • Can I transfer my reservation?

    If it is anytime Before 10 am the day of your reservation– Please send an email to Also, give us 2 separate dates and times to transfer it to.

  • Why can’t I make a reservation for today?

    Reservations can only be made 24 hours prior to your arrival if there are any tubes available for the day. You can call us at 780-515-1754 to see if there is any availability of tubes for today

    If you would like to come out today you will need to use your own tube and come in as a First Come First Serve customer.

  • How do I rebook an time slot?

    Plans Change. Weather is Unpredictable. If you need to change your reservation for any reason, you must call us by 10 am the day of your reservation and send an email to by 2 pm that same day with 2 suggested dates and times you would like to move it to.

    We do not carry over reservations from one year to the next.

  • Am I guaranteed to get on the river at my Scheduled time?

    No. Your reservation allows you to be AT the Waiver Booth AT Your Scheduled time. Past the waiver booth, you will have to wait for attendant to complete everyone in front of you. This is a short line though.

  • Why do you not have the waiver online?

    There is a lot of other information that needs to be explained before you leave for your float and this cannot be done over the website.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We Accept CASH, Debit, VISA and MasterCard.

  • Can I bring alcohol or cannabis with me down the river?

    The consumption and transportation of alcohol and drugs is both prohibited and illegal. We reserve the right to refuse service if we suspect intoxication or you are caught in possession of liquor or drugs.

  • What do I do if I am hurt/lost on the river?

    Call 911. Your cell phone can be pinged and Search and Rescue will be able to direct you or they will be able to come to your aid.

    We do not employ a Search and Rescue team.

  • Why are you Closed Early?

    We are sorry when this happens. We do not know this before the hour has arrived, because the line is too long. We are only human and we sometimes are not able to get to everyone who would like to float the river.

  • How long is the trip?

    The trip duration will vary, depending on the height of the river for that day. We make age restrictions when the river is at a higher level and we change our closing time because of this. Please watch the home page for these changes.

  • Is tubing safe?

    When paying close attention to your surroundings, and following our strict safety guidelines, tubing can be one of the safest—and most enjoyable—experiences to travel down the Pembina River.

    If you fall out of your tube while you are floating, you need to swim to shore with your tube so you can get back in.

    Please note: no life guards are on-duty, and you will be responsible for your (and your children’s) own safety. You are also responsible to have a lifejacket on you.

  • What if my tube is damaged? What do I do then?

    Our tubes have a specially designed cover to protect from the rocks that are famous for popping tubes.

    If your tube gets damaged you have 3 choices

    1. Walk back up to the pick up point and wait until your party returns from their tubing trip (there are exit points that lead back to us)

    2. Join a friend on their tube, or

    3. Walk to the pick up point so you can return on the bus.

  • Can I bring my own tube?

    Yes you can bring your own tube. However, please be mindful of your personal tube’s size and durability, as it may not be suited for the size and conditions of the river. Additionally, we are not liable for any wear or damage on your personal equipment if you decide to use it for river tubing—use at your own risk.

    All Tubes, floating islands, inflatable beds etc. are not designed for this river. You may or may not be walking because your tube has been damaged.

    Please remember to bring good shoes that will stay on your feet so if your tube does pop, you can walk on the rocks.

    You should also buy your own or rent a lifejacket. Our tubes are required to have a lifejacket with it.

  • How do I get back to Your Location?

    You have 3 choices:

    1. Use our Shuttle Service. $18.00 per person that rides the bus.

    2. Have 2 vehicles. Park one at the Pembina River Provincial Park, and one here and pay parking of $8.00 per vehicle. On Hot summer days, the provincial park day use area may be full and have no parking available by 11 am.

    3. Complete your float and walk back to your vehicle here. $8.00 Parking fee per vehicle or Walk-In fee of $4.00 per person, 45 min walk.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We Accept CASH, Debit, VISA and MasterCard. We DO NOT have tap. You must have your physical card and know your PIN.

  • Will I get wet with your tubes? Will I get wet on the river?

    Yes, water in the river will splash and you will get wet. The bottom of our tubes have holes in them and will allow water to enter.

  • What if I lose my Stuff

    If you choose to take anything with you, and you lose it on the river, you will have to find your own way to find it.

    We can not specifically go out to find lost items on the river.

  • Why do you not have your Waiver On-line?

    There is a lot of other information that needs to be explained before you leave for your float and this cannot be done over the website.

  • Are picnics allowed on the PRT grounds?

    Yes. We do have picnic tables for you to enjoy a picnic before or after your float. Portable BBQs are also allowed on-site for cooking, but as mentioned earlier, we do not allow campfires for cooking.

  • Are there bathrooms available on the PRT grounds?

    Yes, there are several outdoor Port-A-Pottie bathrooms available on the property.

  • Where can I park?

    We offer designated parking included with any tubing package. You must park on designated spots only. Cars in undesignated areas may be towed at the owner’s expense.

  • Is there camping available?

    No, we do not allow camping on-site. Additionally, we do not allow campfires on-site. You can bring your propane BBQ if you wish to have hot food though.

  • Can I have Alcohol or Drugs in the Picnic Area.

    The consumption and transportation of alcohol and drugs is both prohibited and illegal at this site. We are not an AGLC Consumption Approved Site. We reserve the right to refuse service and we will ask you to leave if we suspect intoxication or you are caught in possession of liquor or drugs.

  • I just want to come and park and not use any of your services. Can I do that?

    Yes. We are again First Come First Serve Only for this service. $8.00 per vehicle or $4.00 per person for Walk-In Customers. and we have a large parking lot.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Yes, at your own risk and with your own tube for them. We do not allow pets to ride on our rental tubes. Their claws do puncture the tubes. You are responsible for the replacement of the tube (Cost $80) and/or cover (Cost $150). Your pet must be on a leash on site grounds..

    Additionally, please do not leave your pet in your car. Our policy states that if a pet is left in the parking lot or vehicle, police are called and the animal is put into protective custody.

  • Tuber Tip #1

    TENNIS SHOES, AQUA-SHOES, SANDALS or other footwear are needed to protect against sharp objects, cuts, scrapes, bruises and the rocky river bottom while walking to and from entry/exit points. NOTE: FLIP FLOPS are not recommended for River Tubing as they slip and slide easily when wet and offer very little protection for your feet

  • Tuber Tip #2

    SUN BLOCK LOTION or SUN SCREEN should be applied both BEFORE and DURING each float trip or any time you are in the sun for extended periods. It's a good idea to bring a large white T-shirt and put on if you begin to sunburn. And A CAP, HAT or VISOR and SUNGLASSES will help shield your face, eyes and head from the rays of the sun.

  • Tuber Tip #3

    DO NOT LITTER! Dispose of all trash in garbage cans provided at entrance/ exit. Dump all trash in designated receptacles. Help keep our rivers, parks and the Pembina beautiful. Help everyone enjoy Pembina River

  • Tuber Tip #4

    GLASS CONTAINERS or STYROFOAM COOLERS are NOT RECOMMENDED on the Pembina River. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER while tubing on the Pembina River to help prevent dehydration.

  • Tuber Tip #5

    ATTACH & SECURE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES, EYEWEAR and SUNGLASSES to your face, head or body while tubing. Anyone wearing glasses should have a headband, neckband or float bobber of some sort, preferably the floating type that attaches to each arm of your glasses to prevent your eyeglasses from falling off your face and sinking into the river should you flip your tube over. We suggest you bring your own Float Bobber with you for your eyeglasses.

  • Tuber Tip #6

    CHILDREN should be at least five (5) years old or older and MUST be accompanied by an adult for tubing on the river. Life jackets / vests are recommended for all children and all non swimmers and are provided on request at no charge with your tube rental. There are NO LIFE GUARDS ON DUTY, you will be on your own, use caution, think safety first! Parents & Guardians - you are responsible for your children...a waiver will be required for each tuber.

  • Tuber Tip #7

    SECURE YOUR CAR KEYS, house keys or phones… keys don't float... Locksmiths are expensive! Or leave them with us for $5.00 Key Security.

    DO NOT TAKE ANY VALUABLES ON THE RIVER as most items sink and are never found; place your cell phones, jewelry and other valuables in a safe place! Many people have lost Wedding rings and other types of rings because fingers tend to shrink after being in the water for awhile, allowing ring(s) to slip off fingers into the river, never to be found again.

  • Tuber Tip #8

    HAVE A SECURE FLOATING BAG FOR YOUR PHONE. Cell phones do not float. They are lost and will never be found again. We do not have the ability to send our employees out to find your lost items. Sometimes floaters will find items and turn them in to us or to the Pembina River Provincial Park 780-727-3643 main office. Please contact them as well to give them your lost item information.