Information For Your Trip

River Exit Point

Please be advised that the river does not loop back around the park and will carry you away from the park if you do not exit the river at one of the two Exit Points. The Pembina River Tubing Company has their own Exit Point, in the park day use area, river right, immediately after the 3rd bridge (bridges 1 & 2 are up high, and side by side).

  • After you’ve finished tubing down the river, please ensure you get off the river before you’ve reached past the Pembina River Provincial Park.
  • We suggest getting off the river at the designated “River Exit” on the map listed on this page
  • The Exit Point is located at the Shuttle Pick Up Point and the Campground Area.
  • Do not exceed the Exit Point, as there is no other way to get off the river beyond the Pembina River Provincial Park.

Alberta Parks & PRT

Alberta Parks has provided the following brochure with information to ensure your trip is a safe and fun one.

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River Levels

To ensure that everyone trip to the Pembina River, we use the discharge data available on the Rivers Alberta website.

The chart to the right depicts the appropriate ages based in the volume of river water discharge. If you have a tubing reservation with Pembina River Tubing and the river height becomes dangerous, we will contact you to reschedule your trip.

If you would like to check the discharge data, simply visit the website linked below, and search for "Entwistle".

Rivers Alberta