On the River

Helpful information to help you when you are ready to start your float

Notice: Alcohol is prohibited on the premise. It is unlawful and dangerous when you drink on the river.
  • What to expect on the river

    Once you and your party are ready to begin your float down the river, head down the well-marked trail to the launch point. From here you'll float down the river.

    The length of your trip is determined by the river’s current water level.

    The lower the water, the slower the trip. Droughts and below-average rainfall can cause water levels to be so low that you will need to walk in some areas.

    Tuber tip:
    Wear Closed-heeled Footwear like Crocs, water shoes, or sandals with velcro straps. Flip-flops and other open-backed shoes are frequently lost in the river’s current.
Tuber tip:
Don’t forget to use the tube ties to keep your friends close!
  • Where to get out

    As you float down the river, you will come across 2 sets of bridges:

    • The CN rail and Yellowhead Highway Bridges. Near the half-way point, you will see these bridges. They span from one side of the 300ft gorge to the other, allowing highway traffic and trains safe passage.
    • The 16A Bridge aka the “small bridge”. This bridge is considerably smaller than the other bridges and sports the iconic “Yellowhead Trail” signage.

    Immediately after passing under the small bridge, you will see our exit point sign. This area is also part of the Pembina Provincial park day use area. After exiting the river, please proceed up the path to the shuttle pick-up point.

  • Shuttle pick-up

    When you arrive at the Pick Up Point at the Pembina River Provincial Park:

    • Line-up on the left side of the trail.
    • You will be greeted by either the bus driver or an attendant, who will mark your party off the list.
    • The bus has a maximum capacity of 20 people.

    During times with a high number of patrons, the buses will run as quickly as possible. Departing from the PRT complex as soon as they are able. Otherwise, the buses depart every 20 minutes.

    You help to put the tubes on the bus top rack and wait for the driver to open the bus doors.

    As you enter the bus your wristbands will be removed

    You will return to Pembina River Tubing, pick your keys up at the Key Return window and go home.

If there was a problem with your equipment, you will be asked to wait until we can determine the extent of the damage and payment requirement.