UNDER 18 Waviers

Under 18?  Youth Group Participants?
NOT with Parents? CONTACT US.
Age Restrictions on Home Page Strictly Apply.
We will send a copy of the waiver and Please follow these instructions:

Please have the Minor fill in the top of page 1 and Signature in the bottom section of page 2 where it states “Signature of Participant“.  Have a Witness available.  Witness Cannot Be The Parents and must be of over 18.  Parent must Complete the UNDER AGE 18 Section of the Waiver and include your signature, print your name and add the name of the youth in the separate section.  This will be the name of the participant again.  You Must Include Your Driver’s License Number.

You can look at the map here.  The map will be explained when they arrive at the booth and they are provided with Lifejackets unless they have their own and they must have it with them when they come to the booth.  Lifejackets are required and must be worn.   

Any alteration of the Waiver is Considered Void and will not be accepted.