River Level

River Levels

Below is a chart that will give you an idea of what the river conditions are. To check what the river level is currently, please visit: Environment Alberta’s Pembina River Chart

Over 125 m3/s:                                                                                   Dangerous
Between 80 – 125 m3/s:                                                                 Not Under 18
Between 50 – 80 m3/s:                                                                   Not Under 16
Between 35 – 50 m3/s:                                                                   Not Under 14
Between 7 – 35 m3/s:                                               Ideal All Ages, Great Float
Under 7 m3/s:                        Over 3.5 hours, Rocky and Walking Required

Please be aware the chart may not be completely accurate and is for information only.  We have no responsibility with or for this application